My Teachers

Bharat Jangam


Shri Bharat Jangam was born and brought up in a family of musicians. Both his father and uncle were renowned musicians of their times. Shri Bharat Jangam was trained in Tabla by Guru G.L. Samant & Ustad Gulam Rasul Khan. He had the privelage of getting guidance from Pt. Birju Maharaj in accompanying Kathak dance.

He has toured extensively in India and abroad with many artists including Pt. Bhaskar Chandavarkar & Smt Prabha Marathe. He travels to the US regularly conducting workshops and giving performances at various universities and organizations.

Satyajit started learning tabla from Shri Bharat Jangam, or ‘Bharat Sir’ as all his students call him when he was about 8 years old. Bharat Sir is an extremely easy going and patient teacher with a knack of making lessons enjoyable & fun for kids. The qualities that really make Bharat Sir stand out among other tabla players is the tone or quality of sound that he can produce on the tabla, the perfect balance between the Tabla & Bayan and his graceful Kathak accompaniment.

Bharat Sir teaches Tabla in Pune at Kala-chhaya the institute of dance & music.

Milind Date


Milind is both a Guru and friend of mine. He has been a disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia since 1989. He was the one who really introduced me to the art of improvisation. Besides being a great flautist, he is technically savvy and has an entrepreneurial mindset. These qualities have really helped him in becoming one of most successful and respected flautist in India.

More information on Milind’s art and background can be found on his website: